Looking to obtain your micro cultivation license application? Wondering what products you can make with a micro cultivation license?

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License types

  • Micro Cultivation
  • Standard Cultivation
  • Outdoor Cannabis
  • Nursery
  • Outdoor Hemp

Micro cultivation license  requirements

Micro Cultivation Contract

If you have already started the application process and are looking for a micro cultivation contract please contact us. We work with premium buyers looking to source your products.

You must get a licence from Health Canada in order to:

  • grow cannabis for sale (on a large or small scale, or for starting materials (e.g., seeds and plants)
  • make cannabis products (on a large or small scale)
  • sell cannabis for medical purposes
  • do testing of cannabis
  • do research with cannabis

A Micro Cultivation Licence allows a grower 200 square metres (approximately 2150 sq/ft) of total canopy space, including multiple surfaces. You are able to get more than one license. This allows for expansion and growth. Do you dream of growing professionally?

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How long does a Micro cultivation license application take to process?

There is no set time frame for processing a Micro cultivation license application. Health Canada stated they will put energy into improving the time it takes for the applications process but they do not offer any guarantee. You need to be prepared for this waiting period. Talk to a consultant today and learn more.

 We are currently looking for craft cannabis producers that are looking to obtain the proper licensing to become legal under Health Canada. We offer different incentives to enter the market based on your experience and level of quality produced. Are you a craft grower? Do you have mad skills in making AAAA flowers? 

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Micro cultivation License application
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Micro cultivation License application
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