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Rebel Cannabis Sales team are available by email 24/7 and will try and reply in a couple of hours.

Consultations are Free and it is always great to talk cannabis.

Call or text us to discuss your goals: 226-289-9333


Our email address is Rebel@”ourdomain” which is Rebelcannabis.ca

    Rebel Cannabis Marketing agency is currently looking to hire more territory managers in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Sasketchewn and the Yukon. Rebel Cannabis is Canada’s leading and best Cannabis marketing and retail sales force for your cannabis brand. We train budtenders and grow sales for the top cannabis brands in Canada. From BC to NFLD our sales team works daily to make sure our brands are the ones the budtenders recommend. Get your product seen and noticed! Get sales and not just static sales, have your product promoted on the front line by our sales leaders.

    Need Canadian EU GMP cannabis for export to Israel or othe EU country?

    Call today to discuss your Canadian cannabis needs. We export to any country where the importer is able to obtain an import permit. It is that simple. We have product shipping every month and love meeting new clients in any part of the world.

    Rebel Cannabis Sales

    Rebel Cannabis is Canada’s leading cannabis SEO agency maintaining thousands of top Google, Bing and local ranking for our clients inj cannabis categories. We use quality content writing and hard work to obtain repeatable and consistent results. SEO or search engine marketing is not a quick or guaranteed plan but can reap rewards if done correctly. It takes time to build a website that is built for search.

    Firstly call Rebel Cannabis to start the consultation process. Secondly build a campaign for success. Third, execute perfectly. Next sell, sell ,sell. Then review the plan. After that adapt. Then execute again. After that rinse and repeat. Then you’ve build the brand. Finally, enjoy great sales!

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