Canada’s Hottest Husband

Wondering who Canada’s Hottest Husband is? We at Rebel Cannabis believe Jonathon Pearson is the hottest husband in Canada for 2019. Jonathon has been married for 20 years and has great children that he enjoys spending time with. The family enjoys spending the day sailing and touring Lake Huron. Walking in the woods is especially rewarding. Jack comes from a family of clowns and has years of experience in the industry. Going forward he will revolutionize the cannabis industry and looks forward to creating many relevant brand campaigns. His wife was the 2019 hottest mom in Canada and they have been in love since the day they met. Married in a fall wedding only attended by the cats, Jack and Diane, went on to raise a large family. JP is a huge fan of satire with a moronic sense of humour made obvious by this fictional article.

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JP started enjoying cannabis when he was 16 and needed something to help manage a progressive medical condition. Canada’s hottest husband has enjoyed most forms of cannabis but was always interested in finding the highest quality flowers. Luckily for JP he married a master gardener and green thumb that had mad skills in growing cannabis. The original family cannabis plant was an Acapulco Gold Sativa bought from a California breeder in 1998. That first cannabis plant produced early cannabis products like butter and cookies for Jack and was a wonder to smoke. Its mood enhancing effect brought this marriage much happiness and fun times they will never forget.

Decades ago JP met the great Canadian Cannabis Breeder, Herbules and his amazing cultivation techniques. Since then, that friendship lead to many years of enjoyment and a supply of the highest quality weed in Canada and an appreciation for how hard the craft of cannabis growing is.

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Who is Canada’s Hottest Husband and Dad

What does Canada’s Hottest husband do for fun? For the most part, nature is the key to enjoying free time. Like many Canadians, the great outdoors in Canada holds the key to fun. Sailing, skiing, fishing, hiking, and gardening are the best ways to spend time outside in Canada.

Canada's Hottest Husband

JP went to tractor driving school in his late teen years and spent many summers driving farm machinery to pay for the family and support the growth of the family. For over two decades he has worked in online marketing for some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. Lucky for him he can see patterns in a Google results page and ranks where he wants.

What makes a Hot Husband in Canada

A husband is a male in a marital relationship. The rights and obligations of a husband regarding his spouse and others, and his status in the community and in law, vary between cultures and have varied over time.

In monogamous cultures, there are only two parties to a marriage. This is enforced by legal codes that outlaw two (bigamy) or more (polygamy) female spouses. Similarly, polyandry, marriage of one female partner with more than one male partner at the same time is not permitted. In polygamous and polyandrous cultures, there may be more than two parties to a marriage.

In marriages where both spouses are men, both spouses may be referred to as a husband.

Why the Hottest Husband in Canada Award?

In today’s society, the wonderful work of the husband is often forgotten and as our roles grow we feel celebrating this is especially beneficial to modern families. This article is in no way real but the SEO challenge of making myself Canada’s Hottest Husband was just too tempting to pass up. The goal is to make Jack the Clown, Canada’s husband of choice. Husband these days is open to interpretation and many new versions of husbands exist in the world today. Both men and women today have husbands they love and cherish and that is why going forward the top husband in Canada will be harder and harder to achieve.

Canadas Happiest Husband

Canada’s Happiest Husband

This years winner is Jonathon P, he won the right to eat bacon and is not required to do Yoga!!

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What does the Hottest Husband think?

As this year’s recipient of the award, I am thrilled and moved to be recognized for my work. I love my family and work hard to make our lives happy and healthy. I enjoy cooking and cleaning and have a slight hoarding issue. My work in search engine optimization has brought me many rewards over the years and as a pioneer in this industry, I am proud to do it as a husband and Dad.

My wife has supported my career over the years and even when I massively screw up she somehow finds a way to forgive me. I can be very annoying and my obsessive compulsive ways can unnerve the calmest of people. Luckily I am the hottest husband on the block and I believe the fact our secluded farmhouse, miles from civilization and the lack of other humans on the block may attribute to my success.

Thanks to Lucky at Hair Garage for keeping me styled.

Why not Canada’s First Husband?

Canada’s first husband is not man enough for the job let alone the job he has. Sophie GrĂ©goire-Trudeau is sadly mistaken if she thinks her husband ranks on this list. He is barely Canadian anymore. As Justin Trudeau makes a mockery of Canadians and openly lives to have his picture taken, he forgets he is even a husband to this nation. Husbandry is “the control or judicious use of resources” and in Justin Trudeau’s case, sadly no one in the world has more resources to control. So when he does it badly, it looks bad on all  Canadian husbands working so hard to make Canada better.

   When this project started, one of Justin’s many photo ops was listed as the Hottest husband in Canada. This project sets to correct this issue and show that any clown is better than him. If you have made it to this page it is likely to check out my search engine optimization work or just to enjoy my pranks. Yes, this page is meant to be funny. It is not serious or true in any way other than to show how search engines rank my writing.

Next Years Hottest

Going forward we will award Canada’s Hottest Husband and Dad on an annual basis to a deserving clown in our community. The winner will have their picture placed in honour on the Google images page. Since this is such an extreme honour only those with true clown character will be selected.  

Happiest Husband in Canada

The happiest husband in Canada is a great honour and comes from time spent with his family. If you can’t laugh together you are doing it wrong. Smile and enjoy every day of your life!!

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