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Rebel Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis Marketing Company and Retail SalesForce

Rebel Cannabis Exchange is Canada’s first leading and best Cannabis marketing and retail sales force for your cannabis brand. We train budtenders and grow sales for the top cannabis brands in Canada. From BC to NFLD our sales team works daily to make sure our brands are the ones the budtenders recommend. Have your product seen and noticed! Get sales and not just static sales, have your product promoted on the front line by our sales leaders. We are in the stores making sure millions of dollars worth of our products and clients products are pulled down from the Ontario Cannabis Stores (OCS), Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation(NLC), Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC), BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) and the cannabis retailers in Saskatchewan. Our team makes sure the budtenders have the knowledge and support to make our brands great.

We no longer work as product representatives.

CUMCS GAP Cannabis for export to Israel

CUMCS GAP is the new standard for all export sales in Israel. The Israel market pays well for craft high THC flower with high terpenes. If you produce high quality craft flower and are looking for export options, lease reach out. CUMCS GAP processing is available and will provide high value markets for Canadian cannabis.

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The best Canadian Cannabis Exchange for cannabis companies to market its Health Canada Licensed Products on.

Cannabis Exchange

EU GMP Cannabis and CBD isolate

If you require EU GMP cannabis please review it.

If you require CBD isolate, CBD oil, CBD Gummies, or CBD distillate click here.

Micro cultivation contracts

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Craft Cannabis crops wanted Spring 2023 for export to Israel!

Micro-cultivation crops wanted. We need every grade of cannabis so we will look at almost any field or facility. If you are a micro cultivator going into year-round production, we want your flower.

Private label and white label Cannabis 

Cannabis go-to-market plans in the recreational retail market for your private or white label needs, take an in-depth knowledge of the retail market and best sources to maximize your path to entry.

Our multi-talented team members have many years of experience in the cannabis industry. Since the beginning of the legalization process, we have helped many companies make a mark on this new industry. Let us be here to help you take your brands to the next level.

At Rebel Cannabis Marketing, we think differently. We know the customers you are trying to attract better than anyone. Our proven system lets clients market products through Health Canada Licensed Producers and Processors directly to Canadian and European end markets

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Retail Cannabis Sales Force

Does your brand have a retail cannabis sales force? Our sales representatives spend their days working with retailers to know our brand partners inside and out. Rebel represents the largest brands on the market today! Driving sales is work and we train budtenders daily. We use team meetings, social functions, and education sessions to grow your brand with those that matter most. Budtenders are the front line of cannabis sales in Canada. Our team is the best out there!

Dispensary Marketing

Dispensary marketing is fast becoming where cannabis brands succeed or fail. Have a new dispensary license and not sure how to set your marketing on fire? Need dispensary promotional products? Looking to position your brand for success? Trying to get more traffic for your online or retail dispensary? Need more foot traffic to your door? Inform people how to find you with flare so they remember. Whether Locally or globally, we have the experience to target new customers and get them to your door. Get the word out about new products. Developed a new strain and want to scream it from the mountain top? Do you have the best edibles in any state? Low conversion rates? Not enough foot traffic to your retail storefront? Google CTR got you down? The Rebel Cannabis Team is here to help!

We develop a marketing plan tailored to your needs and execute it to perfection , keeping you in the loop the entire time with data analytics to track campaign success every step of the way.

Rebel Cannabis Marketing Offers!

Cannabis Branding Experts

Cannabis Branding is a regionally regulated process. At the present time, each country and territory has some form of rules and guidelines to follow. At this time, we handle all streams of web marketing. From social media to brand development and anything in between. After all, we specialize in traffic production to eCommerce platforms and track and evaluate clients’ success through data analytics and goal achievements. Are you looking for increased visibility in the cannabis industry? Have a new product but not sure how to get it to market. Let us help! The team has been there before and is here to help with your success.

Logos, digital marketing, web design, SEO, graphics, ad design, content writing and so much more. Just ask.

White Label with Market Access

Rebel Cannabis Marketing and Sales agency can set your marijuana brand apart. Why hire a traditional cannabis marketing company for your marijuana products? Firstly, you need a specialized team of industry experts. Second, you need experienced people. Lastly, you need results and we get them.

Best Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO in any industry is important, but in marijuana, it can be the vehicle to success gaining customers and sales organically. In the cannabis industry, most of the traditional forms of advertising are banned and not available to easily promote a company like in most sectors. Therefore your SEO and SEM campaigns are more important than ever and will dictate your success at marketing your products in this highly competitive marketplace. Rebel Cannabis Marketing maintains thousands of top Google rankings for our clients and grow that number of ranked keywords each and every month. Do you know what keywords your website ranks for? Rebel cannabis offers free SEO Reports! Simply fill in the form below to receive your site audit from us. usually takes less than 24 hours to receive.

Cannabis bloggers, social influencers, reviewers wanted

Immediate need for social media cannabis influencers, marijuana bloggers, and product reviewers. Our clients require social influencers’ to work on campaigns in real-time. Contact us today to find out more about our new outreach program and how you can be a part of it. Please reply with your contact information, website, or social media account URL as well as the number of followers you promote to in the contact form.

Proven Success in Marijuana Marketing

In the meantime, with many new companies entering the cannabis space it is hard to know who you can count on for results. Rebel Cannabis Exchange will continue to set the bar high and let the rest try and reach what we accomplish for our clients. We use proven data analytics to know what is happening on your website and social media and can track campaigns through to the sales platform, make recommendations on how to improve traffic, and track the plan to execution.

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Canada EU U.S U.K Israel

No matter where in the world you are located, we have been there before selling something online. Firstly, the team is global with a proven history of new market penetration in markets such as China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and many South American countries. Secondly, at Rebel Cannabis, we stay versed on all markets as they develop and monitor regulations to make sure our clients are always compliant with local regulations in marketing. Looking to export Canadian Cannabis products to your country?

From the start, we are here to facilitate the best products for you. Next, our custom brokerage services will allow you access to the finest marihuana products in Canada and around the world from top producers. The team can source and arrange the production of custom products and brands by licensed producers. Do not get left behind. Bring your products to market. Use our proven system to get your brand noticed. Call today at 226-289-9333.

Looking to take a product to market? Moreover, it is not just a dream, many new products are still needed! Let’s talk about your Cannabis Marketing needs today!!

Firstly, we have EU-GMP flower and oils available now. Secondly, the compliance team to get to any country in the world. Thirdly, our prices are fair. Finally, we maintain the best relationships with our clients for long term sales. Canadian Yacht Broker for your new Yacht.

The Rebel Cannabis Commitment

At Rebel Cannabis marketing, we think differently and believe originality is key in this newborn industry. The biggest products in the marketplace are yet to be discovered! Do you have the world’s best cannabis product and no one knows? Looking for help with the concept? Not sure if your brand is strong and original? Need your brand to stand out from day one? Start with a plan and we will help execute it to perfection. Finally, with so many new and emerging markets in the world today, make sure you take your place. Have the leader in Cannabis marketing work for you!! There is never a fee just to talk. Get your free SEO report today and get started improving your rankings and getting more traffic.


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