Every day, we here at Rebel Cannabis get asked, how do I get a micro cultivation license? At first, we had no idea and there was no real information for novices to Health Canada’s licensing process. In the first few months, only a few dozen applicants started the process. Most people we spoke with did not have the resources to hire a full-scale cannabis consultant. That sucks as diversity in the craft market is what makes it the craft market. The legacy craft industry was built by mad scientists and dedicated quality perfectionists. So to make sure as many of these great growers make it into the new micro cultivation system, we are going to publish how to get your micro cultivation license based on what we have seen so far and for under $10,000.

Starting the micro licensing process

For this example, we are going to use an outdoor grow site as the licensing method to get the first license. We will follow the process of others in the system currently as they obtain their first micro cultivation license and start growing their dreams. There is no guaranteed method for success at this time and we are simply trying to offer what others are doing as an example.

How to get a micro cultivation license for under $10,000 in Canada
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How to get a micro cultivation license for under $10,000 in Canada
How to get a micro cultivation license in Canada DIY explains the process to get proper legal Health Canada approval to sell and grow recreational craft cannabis in Canada. SOP's, licensing fees, who to contact, it is all covered. Do it yourself and open a micro cultivation farm for yourself.
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Rebel Cannabis Marketing
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