EU-GMP cannabis supply

Rebel Cannabis is a global supplier of EU-GMP cannabis flower, extracts, and oils. Our team works daily with the worlds leading Eudra GMP certified cultivators and processors to develop and market cutting edge products that the market demands. Rebel Cannabis has multiple multi-million dollar LOI’s currently we are filling and are always seeking new strategic partners to grow and market cannabis alongside our world-leading business development team.

We are actively seeking companies looking to consolidate or grow through consolidation.

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The Merger and Aquisition division of Rebel Cannabis can provide your operation with leading-edge advise or exit strategies. Our team has over $9 billion in exits and is ready to help grow your company or help you capitalize on it.

EU-GMP certified Cannabis supply

Our deep network of licensed cannabis suppliers can help you grow your business and offer your clients the highest level of product satisfaction. We know this product inside and out. The Rebel Cannabis team tracks new and emerging EU-GMP applicants to gain access to the most current market supply flows for our clients.